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Wellness Coaching

We believe that each individual holds within themselves the power and potential to create healthier ways of being on the earth. With help from our wellness coach, clients can expect and feel empowered to discover and evaluate their own personal values regarding their personal health and wellness. Our wellness coach’s goal is to partner with and support the client in implementing lifestyle changes to improve each individual’s unique vision of health and well-being.


What We Can Help Address

  • Physical Health

  • Stress Management

  • Goal Setting

  • Time Management

45 minute sessions - $60

30 minute sessions - $45

Pilates Instruction

Pilates is a gentle physical movement practice that focuses on breath, improving posture, core stability, strengthening muscles, and increasing flexibility. Pilates is an intellectual form of exercise that attempts to engage the mind as well as the body to create movement that involve the whole person. Our Pilates instructor’s goal is to create a safe and supportive class environment that allows clients to learn and practice Pilates’ exercises.

All sessions are 50 minutes.

Individual Instruction (Mat Classes)

Single Session: $90 (Inquire about sliding scale rate)

Package of 5: $405

Package of 10: $810


Group Instruction (Mat Classes)

Single Session: $25

Package of 5: $110

Package of 10:$200


We offer a variety of different counseling options to best suit your needs. Learn more about our services below and then schedule an intake to start on your path to happiness.

Individual Counseling

Our clinicians are professionally trained to work with individuals on a variety of issues. We most commonly see clients that struggle with one or a combination of depression, anxiety, grief, PTSD, and adjustment disorder. We believe the power to facilitate change and promote healing lies within the individual. Clinicians will work to help clients develop a toolbox of skills and confidence within themselves that will put them on a path that is right for them.

Group Counseling

Connection and support from others working through similar life events is a powerful aid in the healing process. It allows one to gain a sense of community in a setting that is welcoming and understanding. The On Earth Project provides group counseling services for those interested. We aim to make sure our clients are placed in a group that resonates with their needs and will guarantee comfort and security.

Individual Counseling

60 minutes: $160

45 minutes: $115


Group Counseling

60 minutes: $25

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